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Name: Kylo Ren/Ben Organa Solo
Canon: Star Wars The Force Awakens
Age: 29
Timeline: He has just killed his father, Han Solo, and taken a heavy wound to his side from Chewbacca’s bowcaster. He’s kneeling on the bridge over the abyss just as the explosions begin around him.
Items with character at canon point: His helmet was dropped on the bridge, so he won’t have it. (this will cause him some emotional discomfort) but he will have the clothes on his back, his light saber, a major gut wound and a seriously bad mood.
If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?: N/A

Personality: Kylo is deeply troubled. When he tells his father “I am being torn apart. I want to be free of this pain.” we can take him at his word. What we can take from this statement, and from earlier scenes where he talks about feeling a “call to the light” is that coming from a family background with very strong connections to both the light side and the dark side has left him very powerful, but unbalanced and unstable. He believes that killing his father will purge him of his remaining connection to the light side and end this torment. And clearly, whatever this pull to both sides of the force feels like to him, it's bad enough that he's willing to kill his own father to end it. It is also not far-fetched to assume that was also what he was doing when he killed Luke’s other apprentices. It’s also safe to assume that he tried purge himself of the dark side when he was Luke’s apprentice, and that didn’t work either.

Given the way that Ren refers to the rebels as “thieves and murderers” and turns the blame over to Rey when he is interrogating her “You still want to kill me…” it’s clear that Ren wants to take the moral high ground and justify what he does, and does not see himself as evil or the villain. He sees the First Order as truly s a means to restore order to a chaotic galaxy, and as it’s violent actions as justified. Actor Adam Driver has also stated in multiple interviews that Ren does not see himself as evil. Since he doesn’t see himself as evil, and since he is a darksided force-user, he would not therefore see the light side and dark sides of the force as good and evil, but only light and dark.

Ren’s emotions are not within his control. He’s given to wild violent outbursts, during which he will lash out and damage his surroundings and harm those around him. Unlike his grandfather, who would coldly kill those around him who displeased him as a way to maintain a reign of terror over his underlings, Ren simply lashes out like an injured wild animal. He is very force-powerful, is good with his light saber, and also a skilled fighter. This makes his outbursts dangerous. In addition to his bursts of anger, he is also given to periods of sullen melancholy. When he does fail at something he will torment himself about it at great length.

Ultimately, he is at conflict with himself. He is being torn apart, as he says. The light side and the dark side, his relationship with The Force, his relationship with his family, and his relationship with himself are all troubled. His power has made him a pawn of Snoke, who is using him, as Han said. Still, he refuses to acknowledge that. He’s confused, unstable, uncontrolled, and wild.

Generally he’s used to giving orders and having those orders be obeyed. He’s become accustomed to people being afraid of him, and has become adept at using that to his advantage. His mask is a good aide to this, and one he is reluctant to be without. But, he is also good knowing when letting someone see his face might also be advantageous.


Abilities: Kylo Ren is an exceptionally powerful force-sensitive individual within his universe. He is a very skilled fighter with a light saber, and in hand-to-hand combat. He’s physically large and imposing, and also trained in many forms of fighting. He has the strength of a normal human male of above-average height who has extensive combat training and engages in regular rigorous practice, but not outside of human abilities. His force abilities are another matter. He can both move objects and stop objects in motion remotely. He’s also skilled in administering force-inflicted pain (as we see when he interrogates Poe) and using the force to reach into people’s minds and see their thoughts (as we see when he interrogates Rey). Generally, he does pick up on the emotions on those around him if they are strong enough.

Network/Actionspam Sample:
Prose Log Sample:


Pain rocks him and sends waves of darkness to obscure his vision. It had seemed easy at the time. The death of Han Solo would strengthen his connection to the dark side, and remove the call back to the light that had tortured him. He’d expected to feel relieved, powerful, but he doesn’t. He’d felt stricken even before the bowcaster shot struck his side.

He clutches at his side and feels the warm blood running over his hand. The pain still shakes his consciousness and he holds onto it like an anchor. Pain, anger, hate… that is his connection to the Dark Side, and that is what will keep him going. It’s like a lifeline, and he wills himself back into himself with it.

“W-where… where am I…” He grips onto the seat of the train and pulls himself onto the seat. “Somebody tell me. Now.” Another sensation comes through him. Fear. That will bring him to the dark side too. He forces his mind to clear and looks around him.

This is not a ship or a speeder. He drags himself off of it onto the train platform and turns around, and looks up and sees a train for the first time.

This isn’t the base. This isn’t his home. He’s lost. Blood continues to flow out over his hand which is resting on his side. Was this death? This couldn’t be. He was still bleeding, and he would not be defeated in such a way. Was this one of Hux’s holographic projections? He groped for answers but caught none of htem.

With his last bit of strength, he turns back to the train station and rowers. “WHERE AM I? SOMEBODY TELL ME!”


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